How to Add and Verify Your Bank Account Details in Mturk for Withdrawing Earnings

How to Add and Verify Your Bank Account Details in Mturk for Withdrawing Earnings

By Jothis Rajan
Recently I have posted article on Direct Bank Payments from MTurk and obviously that is a great initiative from Amazon. Now I am going to narrate about adding the bank details in your Mturk account in order to get your earnings directly to your bank

1 ) You mus have the balance of $3 in your Mturk account and that will be the service charge levied by Amazon for adding your bank details. During the process $3 will automatically deduct from your Mturk account
2) IFSC Code of your Bank
3) Account Number of your bank.
3) Bank account name should be as same as the payee name of your Mturk
4) You have to select type of your bank account ( current or savings)

So now we will look into the step by step for adding your own bank account in order to get your work done payment from Amazon Mechanical Turk

 Log In Mturk  & click on "Your Account" & Click on "Transfer Earnings"

Then you will get a page as follows & then click on "Add bank account to enable this option"

Next you will get a window where you can see the detailed steps for adding bank details. Read the steps and click on "Start"

Now you will provided a window saying " Enter Your Bank Account Information "

Bank Account Holder Name will display automatically and you cannot change that name.
Fill your bank IFSC Code, Account Number , Select the type of account ( current or savings) and Click on " Continue "

That was the last step and you will redirect to the following information.

At the same time your Mturk associated email id will receive a mail from Mturk with the subject "Action Required - Confirm Your Bank Account Information on Mechanical Turk"

Now we have finished 99%  for associating my Bank Account for Mturk. Only one step left that is to enter the two deposit amounts which Mechanical Turk made to your given bank account on the page at Mechanical Turk:

After doing the same, I will update this article with that very last successfully completion message

Confirmation of Verification
I got the 2 transaction from Mturk and updated the same to complete verification. See the message below
Finished and now I can directly transfer my Mturk earning to associated bank account.

Hope the tutorial is helpful. Dear Mturk users don't forget to share this information on your social media . - One of the Best Url Shortening Service to Make Money - My February 2015 Publisher Earnings with Payment Proof - One of the Best Url Shortening Service to Make Money - My February 2015 Publisher Earnings with Payment Proof

By Jothis Rajan
Blogging is my hobby and during my free time I do explore some genuine methods to make money online through my blogs. I want to share my experience on online money making with my readers. Started blogging journey during 2008 and come across so many websites that claim "make money online from home" and major percentage of them are scams or cheaters who doesn't pay anything to their users

However you can find lots of genuine programs that give best result. I have came across last year and eye got structed on their caption " Get paid to share your links on the Internet !"  After doing some online research, got some positive reviews and feedback about

 Make Money With Adfly

Later I  created a blog and within couple of moths it started getting visitors. Then I have implemented urls and  result was positive. Paid out for this program is $5 and they do support paypal as well

Basically this program work on url shortening.
 Register for an account and start shrinking.
Get paid for every person who visits your URLs.
Place your links on Facebook, Twitter, and more!

Daily Payments Option
Daily Payments are available to all users that have been paid out at least once on our monthly automated payments, have had an account for longer than 1 month and have not updated their account details in the last 72 hours.

Daily Payments Requirements
Withdrawal Account Set    
Paid once in monthly payment    
Account longer than one month    
Account details not changed in last 72 hours    
Cashout limit reached: $5     

In my experience pretty much happy with their payment strategy. I used to withdraw my earnings once it reach $5

Revenue Generated from Every Person Who Visits the Shortened Url

Revenue Generated from Pop Ads

My Earnings from for February 2015

Url Shortening Earnings @ $28.46

Pop Ads Earnings @ $4.23

Total =  $32.69

i.e. Approx. INR 1,923

Not claiming this big amount. But I am writing this post to share one of the genuine website where you can make some passive income. See the screenshots just below for getting an idea of the earning

Now time to give payment proof for the readers. I have mentioned two screenshots. One is from dashboard and other is from my personal Paypal account where I already received all the payments.

Payment Withdrawal History in My Publisher Dashboard

Payment Receipt Details in My Paypal Account

Hope you like the post and the same is useful. If you have website with some traffic, why can't you try this genuine program and earn some passive income.

Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) is Launching Direct Bank Account Deposit of Earnings

Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) is Launching Direct Bank Account Deposit of Earnings

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By Jothis Rajan
Great News !! Now Amazon Mecanical Turk Users from India can receive payment directly to their Bank Account. This is a great news for each user. Me being one of the worker on this platform, feel so happy and relaxed.

Till now I was receiving payments by bank cheque. Always it used to take upto 02 weeks for en-cashing the same. When the direct bank transfer get activated, workers like me don't need to wait for payment en-cashing. 

Remarks : This new feature is only for workers in India. Other non-US workers still won't have that ability.

How Can You Actually Earn Money from Amazon,

See the Official announcement which is displayed on my account dashboard

Attention: Direct deposit to your bank account is launching soon!
Mechanical Turk is replacing Rupee cheque disbursements with direct deposit to your bank account.
If you would like to receive a final Rupee cheque, please request a cheque before February 26, 2015 from the "Withdraw Your Earnings" page.

Once the option get active will post about How can i transfer mturk balance to direct to indian bank

Read more about this matter on Mturk Forum Here

What is MTurk (Amazon Mechanical Turk ) & How You Can Make Money from It ?

Website : -

how to make the most money on mturk
From my experience Mturk is one of the genuine platform to make money online from your home. I joined this program during 2008 and still I have my account working in tact with proper payments for the works I did

Mturk is a part of Amazon where a person can do the works allotted to him or her. For getting more works you have to increase your approved rate percentage. That means the more successful works the more jobs availability

When a user log inn to the account, he/she can see the available hits (works). Simply read the work nature and if the user is confident to to do it, accept the hit ans start working and most importantly you have to finish in as per the given timing 

Also Read : How to Add and Verify Your Bank Account Details in Mturk for Withdrawing Earnings

Know more about MTurk from Wiki

How to Disable or Change Last Seen Option in WhatsApp Chat

How to Disable or Change Last Seen Option in WhatsApp Chat

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By Jothis Rajan
After implementing WhatsApp web, they have pushes welcome updates on privacy settings. If you are one of the users of this emerging chatting media,the new option to disable or hide "last seen" is going to please you for sure. In this article I am going to tell you about the simple steps by step with picture to hide last seen on your WhatsApp chat

how to hide last seen on whatsapp, how to hide last seen on whatsapp in windows phone

Before that we can discuss about "last seen" . This option is useful in order to find when was your WhatsApp friend active last time. So that you can realize whether your message was seen by the friend or not. But sometimes this option become burden at least once for all people.

For example:- My friend send a chat message to me and I couldn't reply him / her on time. Message may be emergency or a casual chat. Whatever it is; my friend got to know that I saw the message and didn't replied.  I may have my own reason for not replying like busy schedule, driving etc. So last seen option means a responsibility on the user.

Recently WhatsApp come up with an option to change / hide or disable "Last Seen" Let see the process in detail

Step 01 - Open your WhatsApp and go to settings

how to change last seen on whatsapp samsung

Step 02 - Go to Account
how to change last seen on whatsapp iphone
Step 03 - Take Privacy
how to change last seen on whatsapp on android
Step 04 - You can See " Last Seen" and Open it
how to change last seen on whatsapp plus, how to hide last seen on whatsapp iphone how to hide last seen on whatsapp blackberry how to hide last seen on whatsapp plus how to hide last seen on whatsapp iphone 5s how to hide last seen on whatsapp nokia lumia 520 how to hide last seen on whatsapp blackberry z10

Final Step :- Disable or Change Last Seen
how to change last seen time on whatsapp, whatsapp settings last seen
In the final step you have three options. Choose your preferred one and keep on chatting

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