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August 9, 2015 By Jothis Rajan

Online chat on a website or blog is pretty good marketing tool through which admin can directly in touch with the readers. We all know about this and have come accross different platforms that provide online chat facility. Some are free and some are paid services

Most of the available chat software providers give upto 01 month free trial version to their users and later the users have to pay for getting continuous service . I have my website www.munnartourguide.com . Being a person work in Tourism sector, I am doing daily interaction with my clients and website visitors.

During my initial stage, I concentrated on the enquires generated from the website. It is not necessary that all of the website visitors make enquiry thorough mail, phone calls etc. Very low percentage do the same.
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Later during my surfing I got stucked with some websites providing online chat and realize that is what my website lack. After that I have decided to implement an online chat option on munnartourguide.com . Spent lot of time online to find out one of the best and free online that can easily integrate

One fine morning I came across the most useful online chat provider, that helped me to increase  enquires from my website and for me it was a sudden hike. Name of that online chatting website is www.zopim.com

Advantages of Zopim Live Chat
Support Free Accounts obviously with certain limitation
Paid Services with More Options
Good Technical Support
Easy Integration
Great Support Team

Productive & Professional Features on Zopim Live Chat
1) Easy to Set Up
Even though you don't have any technical knowledge, then also you can easily set up zopim live chat on your website. If you can create a Facebook account,  you can do this one also. Just create your account and add a simple html code into your blog or website. You have finished. Whatever customizations you make afterwords, will automatically updated on your website. So starting is not a big task.

2)User Can Customize Chat Box Appearance and Welcome Messages
   Below is the screenshot from my website and we have changed the welcome message as "Chat with Our Tour Expert " So a user can change it as per their preference.
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3) We can make certain details mandatory for a website visitor to start chat
     For example, if a visitor on my site need to chat with us, he or she must fill email id & phone number in the chat box. Then only he can continue with the chat

See the screenshot again. When a visitor click on chat box, he or she has to fill the mandatory fields. This fill help us to avid spammers
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Remarks : But admin can chat with any of the online visitor and for that kind of chats visitor can reply without filling the mandatory field.

Even though chat option is pretty useful, sometimes, for a visitor it may be a distraction. In Zopim, there is an option for minimizing the cat box. This will help the website visitor to pop up and pop out the chat window as per their convenience

4) The user or admin can see full details active visitors online from the Control Panel / Dashboard 
Admin can understand how the visitor landed on the website. For example if it is through Google search, we can see the search term and also we can also identify on which page of the website the visitor is active. This will help admin to anticipate victor's requirement and can chat accordingly

5) Admin can automatically get Chat Transcripts in connected email
Even after the chat, every chat details will be dropped into the email id associated with your Zopim account. At any point of time admin can check the control panel and get the chat history for further clarifications

6) Zopim also support offline chat option
If the admin is not online, a visitor can drop the message or requirement in the chat box and same will be receiving in the admin email id. So once you come online, you can reply to the client's query

7) Zopim App :- One of the Most Advance Feature :
    Two months back zopim have launched their android app . A user can install the same in mobile devise and can chat with their clients even if they are not in-front of computer. This is one the most innovative features from Zopim team. Refer below screenshots from my mobile.
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In simple words, Zopim is one of the best live chat for any kind of website. So you can also have a try on this

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  1. n everything we do we must have good communication with the people we work to, talk to, and so on. Internet is so helpful to organizations and company. It is their way of communicating with each other. Add chat room to website and email each other as a form of communication.

    1. @ Osbaldo
      Thank you for comment ..

      Yes, you said it ... Communication is the key. The way we talk, chat, mail etc give clear picture about the company. Sending a mail in professional way always help to get attention from the client.

      As you mentioned about the importance of chat room, my business conversion ratio doubled after implementing same on my website. So getting an online chat for your product is always give better result


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