Mturk Started Issuing Bank Transfer Option for New Indian Account Holders | Latest Official Updates 2017

February 2, 2017 By Jothis Rajan

New Indian Users Can Transfer Their Mturk Earnings to Own Bank Account Now

One of the top breaking news for Mturk users is here : Mturk started sending invitation for new account holders from India to add bank details for direct bank transfer. This invitation will be sending for those accounts which is newly active and have got only gift card account as earning disbursement. Who ever got the invitation can transfer their earnings to their own bank accounts
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When I have written and published the article  Mturk Accepting New Accounts from India - Latest Official Update in 2016 , lots of readers frequently asked questions and that is like as given below

* Why I am not able to transfer mturk earnings to my bank account ?

* How to activate bank transfer option on my mturk account ?

* When the bank transfer option will be active on my mturk account ?

* How I can transfer my mturk earning to my own bank account ?

Toady I am  going to give an answer for those who raised similar question .. Yes ; now new mturk users from India started getting the option for bank transfer of their mturk earnings and you don't need to worry about the gift card transfer anymore

I must thank Mr. Prasoon who gave me the information through the comment that he has got invitation from Mtruk itself for activating bank transfer option.. You can see the officil mturk invitation given below

" Greetings from Amazon Mechanical Turk, Congratulations! You can now enable your earnings to be deposited to your bank account. To begin enrollment, go to and follow the posted instructions.

Before you can transfer your earnings to bank account, we’ll need to verify:

1. A scanned copy of your Permanent Account Number (PAN) card

2. Your bank account information

Once both items are verified, you’ll be able to transfer earnings to your bank account in addition to an gift card. Get started now at

Sincerely, Amazon Mechanical Turk "

So go and check your mail without any delay and if you are one who got the invitation mail from mturk for adding bank transfer to your account, follow the steps given and activate bank trasnfer option and get your earnings as cash to your account...

Now you can read my article on How to Add and Verify Your Bank Account Details in Mturk for Withdrawing Earnings 

Those who getting this invitation for bank transfer, please let me know my comments under this article..

Happy Earnings and Happy Transfer .....

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  1. hii i have asked submit tax information i my mturk id and wat will be next step they process.Is there any possiblities to add bank details in my account for direct bank transfer option

    1. Dear Santhosh

      There is no connection with tax information submission and bank transfer. Tax form submission is mandatory for all mturk users

      I have submitted his article to let the new mturk account holders know about the happy news that mturk started sending mail to complete verify process of bank transfer. If Santhosh got mail from mturk regarding the same, you can able to get bank trasnfer option for your account

  2. Hi. I had updated my bank details today, but I received a email from mturk saying "we do not recognize the bank account information you provided". I had given my SBI bank details, with right IFS code and 11 digit SBI account number. Do mturk accept SBI bank? If yes, what should I do next? Thank you!

    1. hi .. sbi is acceptable by mturk. They required any nationalised bank

      Try to repeat the submission if you have the option for the same. Or else send a mail to mturk by replying the problem in the mail that you got invitation for activating bank transfer option

    2. Option of adding bank account requireso any minimum balance before they give option ...It will be useful if when u disclose that when u got that option how much balance u had in your Mturk account

    3. Dear Sanjay
      Mturk didn't disclose the criteria on which they granding access to bank transfer. But when they selected particular account with this option, that particular account must have $3 to complete the process.

      In simple words even if your mturk balance is zero, then also you may get the invitation from them for completing bank verification process. But for doing the verification you have to make $3 and then you can complete the process.

      For me I got bank transfer option years back. Initial days I used to get cheqe payments and then they given bank transfer option.

  3. Hii can u plz say me on what basis they send the bank verfication process mail to usand my mturk id was accepted by mturk team before a month.and when will i get direct bank deposit option.

    1. Hi Santhosh

      Mturk sending invitation for bank transfer process on priority basis. Your account seems to be just 1 month old. SO you will have to wait for getting their invitation.

      One of my freind Mr. Prasoon got invitation recently and his account was activated during August 2016. So hopefully you also will get the invitation shortly.. Please update me once yours is done so that it will be useful for other readers as well

    2. Hii jothis rajan sure i will infrm u whn i get that notification and i want know what are the ways to convert amazon gift card balance to indian rupees.

    3. sir, should i withdraw my earnings to amazon gift card or ? wait for bank tansfer . i have $20 and i have been working for the last one year .


    1. @ Santhosh & Sathyam

      There no such way to convert gift balance to Indian Rupees. You can only use the amount for purchasing some staff only from amazon.COM website

  5. No jothis there is a way some people convert there their gift balance in to indian rupess.

    1. Dear Sathyam

      Thanks for your comment. I am not aware of the way you talking about and also I cannot suggest a product that is not trustworthy for my readers.. There are lots of scraps on internet and we have to be very careful

  6. Dear Jothis Rajan,

    I think this is random as I joined mturk in May, 2016 and I haven't got any option. So those who got it are lucky ones. It is not for everybody.

    1. Dear Anand Sharma

      We all dont know on what basis mturk selecting people for the same. Same was in the case of new accounts.. So wait for some time and hopefully you also get the invitation from them

      Do update here if any developments

  7. Dear Jothis Rajan,
    Are they still accepting new account from india???

  8. I'm from Andhra Pradesh(India) , sir please tell me i have created new account on 18/02/2017 . amazon accepts new accounts from India but still i'm not accepted by amazon. i have tried different mail ids but they are saying" we are reviewing your account we will mail when review is completed". Sir please tell me how much time to complete my application and on what time they may accept my application?. Sir please tell me i'm trying amazon mturk account from last one year .sir help me how can i accept quickly from amazon ,reply me sir please...

  9. Hi
    I want to know how to redeem gift card from india as there is no point of getting it product shipped from usa. Is there any way we can get goods delivered to US address where someone known is staying

  10. Hi there!

    This is Robin from Mechanical Turk, thank you for reaching out to us.

    I’m truly sorry for any concern caused by not being able to transfer your earnings to your bank account at this time. We understand the inconvenience this may cause.

    Please understand, at this time all new international accounts are only able to withdraw their earnings to an gift card.

    We will notify you once the option to disburse funds to your bank account has become available.

    If you choose request payment via gift card, the funds are automatically deposited into your account.

    Once the funds are added to your account, they aren't able to be transferred to or used on another account. For further detail, please see the "Disbursement of Funds to Providers" section of our Conditions of Use,

    You may be interested in the Amazon Global program which offers customers duty and tax estimation during checkout and customs clearance on your behalf for certain eligible countries. More information can be found here,

    Details for international shipping rates and times on eligible items ordered from are also available here:

    We hope to offer additional payment services to our international Workers in the future, and I'm sorry that we're not able to do so now.

    If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us at any time.

    Thank you for your inquiry. Did I solve your problem?

  11. Hi Sir,

    I want to change my contact details from USA to INDIA, I had mistakenly selected USA, Now my account is active but i cannot work, Since it asking the tax details for USA citizens. Please suggest me the best possible way to change the address.

    1. hi .. most probebly you got your account activated because you selected USA as your country. So if you change the same to INDIA, your account may suspended.

  12. hi Jothis,
    one month ago, i had got the same bank account invitation from mturk. And on the transfer page of mturk, they are asking to upload copy of pan card and date of birth.
    here my problem is, the address given in mturk and pan card are actually same but there some minor changes like mturk account is detailed then on pan, is there any problem on verification of pan card by this, also is there any problem on changing the address in mturk before uploading the pan card.
    Also is there any restriction on type of bank for mturk verification like nationalized bank or any other criteria.
    I am asking this because, i have accounts in both sbi and sbt. but the recent news says that they two are going to combine to one bank. so, i am confused on it. Also if it make a problem, then i have to take a new account on other bank within one week.
    for reference,
    Actually my account was approved after about one year after registration and got eligibility for bank account transfer after about 5 months working working.

    Thank you.

  13. Hi better you upload your pan card and then if there is any mismatch they will intimate you. Actually , There is an option to change your name and address on your amazon main site (not on mturk). During my initial stage I changed my payee name and address in that manner. But nowadays its not highly suggestible because mtrk seems to be much vigilant and lots of accounts got banned (they are doing the same to reduce fraudsters)

    Regarding the bank, you can give SBI. Hope you will get the activation soon. Do update me the progress here

  14. Hi,my mturk id has been suspended due to more rejections as per mturk rules.I was regularly earning about 200$ to 300$ permonth for about 6 months continuously, unfortunately due to my negligence /non understanding the tasks I took risk and submitted the tasks which in result my id was suspended . Is there any way to renew my id. Kindly advise me.

    1. Hi.. Really sorry to hear that.. The reason for your account suspension is already reflect in your comment. As per my information there is no option to get an account renewed

      Still try to send a mail to mturk.

      This should be a lesson for other users as well. Do your work after reading the job description clearly.

  15. Hi I am Karthik from chennai, Tamilnadu, I have registered in mturk on 2013 but i got the accept invitation only on may 2016 and then i have started to work on mturk for the past 10 months and completed 6000 hits, last month i got the invitation for bank transfer option and they asked to upload a PAN card details and then they verified and said that the name in the PAN Card and name in the amazon account is not matching, kindly change your name in amazon account then i changed the name accordingly then its get accepted after that i added my HDFC account and get accepted, now i can able to transfer i earnings.

    1. Dear Karthik

      Thanks a lot for sharing your experience with me here. This is going to clear the same doubts that is being asked by lots of my readers and I have mentioned the way to rectify in my reply in one of my article

      Now when I receive an experience from mturk user itself, who have done the name change successfully, our readers are getting more clarity on the subject

      Thanks a lot for your comment

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