Space Exploration with a New Dimension: - Messages from Earth

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June 15, 2008 By Jothis Rajan

Space Exploration with a New Dimension: - Messages from Earth

Picture Courtesy: Www.Planetary.Org

Today while surfing net, I got a website named Www.Planetary.Org Its about Astronomy and things related to that. But on one thing My eyes stucked. The site offering us an opportunity to send our messages to space.

Mission is named as Messages From Earth. You can also be a part of this. Get ready to send your message to Space
Words from the Website
The Phoenix DVD – that landed on Mars on May 25 – contains one of many Messages from Earth that have been sent on missions throughout our solar system.
Handwritten signatures scanned to a disc around Saturn...
Microchip lithograph flying through a comet tail on Stardust...
Etched on foil around the Moon...
This amazing combination of technology and the human spirit will chronicle humanity throughout the universe.
The story of space exploration is being written everyday.
Fifty years ago we couldn't have told this story, but 50 years from now our names and thoughts...those Messages from Earth...will be part of the story...part of the permanent record of space exploration.
Seems to be Interesting. Right? Just go through the site and send your messages to Space

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