Be Online with New Nokia N810 Internet Tablet

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March 12, 2008 By Jothis Rajan

Be Online with New Nokia N810 Internet Tablet

The Nokia Internet Tablet is a true internet device that offers you unrestricted access to the entire internet, it enables you to interact online just as you would from your Mac or PC.
This Splendid Model combines internet, GPS navigation, and recorded music in a practical large screen device. The inclusion of a slide-out QWERTY keyboard enables easy and fast text entry. The large 4.13 inch by 2.47 inch WVGA touch screen displays high quality images on its 800 by 480 pixel, 65,000 color screen. The transflexive screen with its ambient light sensor provides clear pictures in bright daylight and dim conditions.

About Nokia810 Internet Tablet
• Instant Messaging
• Internet Calling
• Email Client
• Skype, Google Talk, Gizmo
• Bluetooth headset support
• QWERTY keyboard
• Integrated GPS
• Web2.0 compatible browser based on Mozilla technology
• Flash 9 plug-in
• Integrated HW qwerty keyboard for content creation
• High resolution widescreen display
• High quality stereo speakers
• 2GB storage configurable to 10GB
• 10 hours of music playback
• Streaming services: Rhapsody
The Nokia is so small that you can fit it into your pocket and take your information, communication, and entertainment with you, everywhere you go.

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