How Beautiful My Village is !!!!

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March 3, 2008 By Jothis Rajan

How Beautiful My Village is !!!!

First of all tell you one thing. I love my village very much. As we all know, the 2 places were we feel most comfortable are our own bed room and the native place (I do believe like this)
I am working in a place that is far from my native and used to visit my home monthly. So whenever I get leave I will be busy to pack my luggage to go home.
So let me tell you about my village. Name of this beautiful coasty land is PARPRAM situated in Northern Part of Kerala. Main Peculiarity of this village is that you can find most part is surrounded by river. So if you walk sometimes you will be reaching a riverside.
Now a Days people used to travel a lot to have different experiences other than their routine life style. Me also love traveling. My village is also like a tourist spot. Here you can experience Sunrise, Beautiful Sunset near riverside. Day time trekking to the deepness of Coconut Lagoons etc.
Main cultivation is coconut and lots of people earning a living from Toddy tapping. Even my uncle is toddy taper. The favourite moments that I have been enjoying are with my friends.
Main mode of transport is Bus. But to reach bus stop we have to cross a river. There was a small boat service for this and now after long struggle of village people there is a walking bridge to cross the river.
In spite of all the limitations of infrastructure and amenities I love this place and I love to live here only

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