How to Secure Your Children from Sexual Harassment

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May 26, 2008 By Jothis Rajan

How to Secure Your Children from Sexual Harassment

Recently one incident made me think about this subject. Can you Imagine an incident in which a two and half years old girl been sexually harassed by a human being? This happened not in a European Country. You are well known about the Gods own Country and the same incident happened in Kerala before couple of weeks. I was shocked after knowing about this incident. This moment I feel ashamed of myself to be a citizen of this place. News about sexual harassment is new thing. But be aware of the cheating digs that may occur in your life.
In Kerala Girls and women have being suffering different harassment in their life. The most wondering thing about that there is no separate law to prevent these types of incidents here. Some are getting bitter experiences from their working atmosphere. Unfortunately even small children are becoming victims of these brutal sexual harassments.
Let me narrate the incident that I pointed out in the beginning. This happened to a poor family (father, mother and a small girl aged 2 and half years). They haven’t any proper home or shelter to live. Earning a living with the money getting from selling scraps. This family used to sleep in the veranda of some shops or something like that. Eventhough they were poor they were happy with what they have. READ MORE

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