Parrot Flowers - God's Beautiful Creation

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June 1, 2008 By Jothis Rajan

Parrot Flowers - God's Beautiful Creation

While Surfing net I got details about a wonderful flower. There are so many varieties of flowers on Earth. But this is something entirely different and interesting. You also may feel wonder after seeing the flower. The name of this particular flower is Parrot Flower. As the name insisting flower really like a Parrot. The origin nation of Parrot flower is Northern Thailand.
The plant was identified at the Royal Botanical Garden Kew in 1901 and was discovered in 1899 in the Shaw States of Burma. It is only found in portions of Burma and northern Thailand and as such is quite rare. According to the grower it is very difficult to cultivate and requires a local natural pollinator to produce seeds. It also requires very specific soil pH in order to prosper and produce the "blue" coloration.

You will get more details regarding Parrot Flower at ExoticRainforest.Com

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