How to Change Your Gmail Password Simplest Description with Pictures

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July 8, 2015 By Jothis Rajan

You may wonder, why I am posting this topic, as it is very easy and can done without any guidance. Even myself have same thought before getting a call from one of my friend asking "How I Can Change Password of Gmail Account"

I tried to help him and realize that changing gmail password on their new interface is little bit time consuming for a normal user. So today we are publishing simplest description with pictures for changing your password of Gmail & entire Google account associated with that id

Step 1 : Login to your Gmail and Click on My Account

Step 2 : You can see Sign-in & security tab. In that Click on Signing into Google

Step 03 : It will display options under Password & sign-in method. On this tab click on Password

Step 4 : Now you will get a screen asking to log in with your existing/current password. Enter your password and click on Sign in
Step 5 : Now you have reached the last step for modifying your gmail password. Type your desired new password and again confirm the same in the given space. (Remember  password should contain minimum 8 characters)

After entering the details click on Change Password and you have finished your job. Your gmail password has been successfully changed

Hope article is helpful. If you have an suggestions please don't forget to post it in the comment box

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