This is GULF

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January 23, 2008 By Jothis Rajan

This is GULF

* Local calls are free, whereas International calls will make you beg
* Petrol is cheaper than water,
* Any building construction finishes in 3 months
* Unqualified get more salary than Qualified
* Show-off matters more than real quality & performance
* Laborers are paid less than what they can earn back in their own country
* Laborers earn more in part-time jobs than from full time employer
* Companies can kick out their employees without any reason
* Wastas (recommendation) are more powerful than money
* Cleaners have more Wasta than officers
* Watchman has more Rights than the Flat Owner
* Office boys & Drivers have more influence on Boss than Managers.
* Gulf climate changes so fast, in one hour u can see raining, dust storm, hot / humid / chilling weather
* Gulf is located in desert, still u find greenery everywhere* If u can't earn money in the Gulf, u can't earn anywhere in the world* In Gulf, time goes very fast.

by Mridula Sajeev

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