"I am the Perfect Shepherd" Says a Monkey

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June 25, 2008 By Jothis Rajan

"I am the Perfect Shepherd" Says a Monkey

Here comes an interesting real incident that make you think about relationships. This is about a Monkey who takes care of almost 100 sheeps in Palakappandi Estate of Palaghad District in Kerala. If you thinking How a Monkey can be a shepherd, Look at the picture.

He is Many. Look he is on the back of his favorite mother goat and this is the usual journey of leading almost 100 sheep towards the valley. Estate workers found him before 3 years with wounds all over the body and with a blood flowing condition. But a kind animal lover the Supervisor Martin took him. He applied medicine on the wounds and gave food to eat. Martin only named him as Many. After recovering from the pain, Many didn’t go anywhere.

Time goes on and today Many is the member of the estate. He is the perfect protector of sheep while they are on the field for graze. He is always vigilant because anytime, there is a chance of attack from foxes and wolfs etc. During mornings, Many leads up to 100 sheep towards the meadow. His voyage is really look like a Royal Passage. He used to lie on the back of a mother Goat. Its like a journey of a Raja. Other than this mother goat, all of them are ready to have Many on their back.

While in the valley Many is always alert. If felt anything wrong, he makes a peculiar sound and that is the sound of caution. On hearing this all sheep will stood together. As he can easily climb on the trees, he can help goats by pulling high branches towards the ground so that goats can eat it comfortably. If he find any small babies going out of the group, definitely he will took them back by picking on their ears.

Many have decided time frame for babies to have milk from their mothers. If they seem to be drinking more, he used to give small punishments. On the other hand if some babies are not willing to drink milk, many will pick them out and they have to drink. And Many himself drink milk from mother sheep to get rid of thirst. All mothers are ready to feed him. He loves to sleep with them and there is no separate food needed. He is happy to eat whatever those sheep ate.
So this is a good lesson for human beings. They are killing each other for money and here look at Many he is altogether a Perfect Shepherd.

Isn’t it ?

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