Tips for Making Money Online (Part 2)

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June 21, 2008 By Jothis Rajan

Tips for Making Money Online (Part 2)

by: Tsuyoshi Suzuki
Remember: The biggest reason most people don't make money online is that they never get started. A crucial step to make money online is driving targeted and qualified paying traffic to your website. The lesser the competition for the specific keyword, the higher the chance of your site to get to the top of the search engines and the chance to make money online is significantly increased. Another way to make money online is to become involved with email marketing or search engine marketing. With today's technologies, all you need to make money online is an 'interest', like a hobby, a skill, a passion, or a just general topic that you have interest or expertise in.

Traffic / Keyword
Your need to have good traffic to make money online an in order to do that, you need to know which keywords to use as the best. Once you have them, you also need to know if those keywords are working for you, or if you will need to tweak them to get better results. So, keywords are a great topic to understand. You need to become a member of famous Directory like Google and Yahoo.
Using service of Google called Adsense, you have to add your ads, details or article related to keywords in the content of your site for example “Make Money Online”. Then you search on Google for "Make Money Online" search term and see how many websites are competing on the keywords. For every click thru, you will make some pennies depending on the keywords. Some keywords might give you higher rank than the others. Your site's ranking on the search engines will depend on how optimized it is with the keywords you choose and the number of competition it has. Good keywords are the key to any good internet business marketing campaign as can be seen below. The better the keywords chosen the more money you will make online.

Search Engine
Yahoo and Google are the top two sites where most of the web searches come from. Yahoo's directory, the Google Directory, and the Open Directory Project (dmoz) are web directories -- essentially subject indices. Search engine traffic is the one referred by search engine result page (SERP) like Google or Yahoo. Experts estimate that Google account for 45% of the searches while Yahoo gets 30%. Google, Yahoo and MSN are the top search engines to date.
Another way to make money online is to utilize an auction website such as Ebay or Yahoo Auctions to sell unwanted merchandise that you own to others using the internet as a tool to do so. But it is only possible, if your website or blog is optimized for your visitors who are looking for quality information and for the search engines. I recommend advertising mainly with the larger, more reputable search engines to get the best traffic to your website.

Search Engine is ideal for websites with thousands of web pages. As I said in the part 1 already that, in many ways, starting a make money online business is no different to starting an off line one but online is a lot easier than you think. Ways to make money online is the same as addition and bandage a search clamp and again heave without nook, knock. The key to make money online is knowing how and where to start. Today I know that the challenge for anyone trying to make money online is figuring out what opportunity can make a difference for him. Although generating online traffic is an important goal of any website, attention should always be directed to the very first and most important issue in website marketing: targeting online customers. In summary, I believe that to make money online is not that hard.

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