Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) is Launching Direct Bank Account Deposit of Earnings

February 27, 2015 By Jothis Rajan

Great News !! Now Amazon Mecanical Turk Users from India can receive payment directly to their Bank Account. This is a great news for each user. Me being one of the worker on this platform, feel so happy and relaxed.

BREAKING NEWS OF THE HOUR : Mturk Started Issuing Bank Transfer Option for New Indian Account Holders | Latest Official Updates 2017

  Till now I was receiving payments by bank cheque. Always it used to take upto 02 weeks for en-cashing the same. When the direct bank transfer get activated, workers like me don't need to wait for payment en-cashing. 

Remarks : This new feature is only for workers in India. Other non-US workers still won't have that ability.

How Can You Actually Earn Money from Amazon,

See the Official announcement which is displayed on my account dashboard

Attention: Direct deposit to your bank account is launching soon!
Mechanical Turk is replacing Rupee cheque disbursements with direct deposit to your bank account.
If you would like to receive a final Rupee cheque, please request a cheque before February 26, 2015 from the "Withdraw Your Earnings" page.

Once the option get active will post about How can i transfer mturk balance to direct to indian bank

Read more about this matter on Mturk Forum Here

What is MTurk (Amazon Mechanical Turk ) & How You Can Make Money from It ?

Website : -

how to make the most money on mturk
From my experience Mturk is one of the genuine platform to make money online from your home. I joined this program during 2008 and still I have my account working in tact with proper payments for the works I did

Mturk is a part of Amazon where a person can do the works allotted to him or her. For getting more works you have to increase your approved rate percentage. That means the more successful works the more jobs availability

When a user log inn to the account, he/she can see the available hits (works). Simply read the work nature and if the user is confident to to do it, accept the hit ans start working and most importantly you have to finish in as per the given timing 

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Know more about MTurk from Wiki

BREAKING NEWS OF THE HOUR : Mturk Started Issuing Bank Transfer Option for New Indian Account Holders | Latest Official Updates 2017

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  1. presant indian users are not allowed to work on mturk can i ask my brother he is lives in us so he is have already active account
    so i want to take his account and work on it ofter he can transfer my earnings to my bank account it may be work out?

    1. @Anitha K
      You can do it. Account holder can work anywhere from the globe. Payment from mturk will be receiving to account holders Mturk associated bank only.

  2. I am new to mturk, i want to transfer my earnings to bank account. Here i have a doubt that i am living chennai, before mturk i worked in coimbatore so i opened axis bank account there. but currently i don't have bank account in chennai. Can i use that coimbatore axis bank to transfer my earning? Is there any problem arise? Please clarify on this. Thank You.

    1. Hi Mohan Raj

      Thank you for dropping comment here.

      Definitely you can use bank Coimbatore bank account for transferring your mturk earning (if you have bank transfer option active in your mturk)

      You dont need to be bank account in Chennai for the same. Any nationalized bank account in any of the branch in india will do.

      Hope your doubt clarified

  3. Hi Jothis thanks for your clarification, i have one more doubt which is, i'm living in rented home, so in mturk i updated my permanent address like in my PAN card but in bank account i updated rented home address. Is there any problem for this? Please clarify on this. Thank You.

    Mohan Raj

    1. Hi Mohan
      happy to see you back again.
      You have entered correctly with permanent address for mturk.

      I got your point that in your bank you have given your rented home address. That is not a problem for mtruk. Dont worry

  4. I have a new mturk account.i dont have a option to add bank i get that.

  5. i have a new mturk account.i dont have a option for bank account, only show the amazon gift card me

    1. Dear Lingesh

      As your is new account, you will not get bank transfer option in the beginning. You have to wait until mturk will grand the access to your account. Till then you only have amazon gift card option to withdrawing your earnings

      Please refer below link for the same

  6. Hi Jothis,

    Yesterday I received payment option to withdraw indian rupees, but while try to enroll the payment its asked me to enter PAN card details and dob, after enter it, its shows me an error like we were unable to gather necessary account information. Please try again later. i dont know what to do? Please give me any solution on this. Thank You.

    1. Dear Mohan Raj
      Glad to know that you got the option. As mturk started inviting more people for bank transfer, lots of entries will be there for the same

      Normally this kind of error not happen. Still it can be due to technical error. I suggest you to wait for some time and try again. Also read my new article on the same subject here :

  7. I hope it was technical error like u said.

  8. Hi sir,

    i have been working on mturk past 1 year, i am using broadband connection to work, but now i bought reliance jio 4G device, i planned to work both broadband and Jio 4G device alternatively which i feel convenient to work, Should i work like this or Else Should i use only Broadband connection? Is there any issue? Please sir clarify on this issue.

    1. Hi Logeswari

      There is no such issue for working under different network for your mturk account. Keep work and earn more

  9. hi sir,
    I applied for mturk on 2014 using email id that time I not get approved. after 3 year recently I opened mturk this year 2017 using same email id. I got approved. But In my earning section I never get bank transfer option. only I got gift card option. now what I do to get bank transfer option to my mturk account.


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