Then what these Police Men have to Do?

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June 19, 2008 By Jothis Rajan

Then what these Police Men have to Do?

See this Picture. This was the front page image in a local Malayalam daily. From the picture you can realize matter is not a simple one. Yes this is what happening in Kerala these days.

Day before there was a student march conducted by a student political union. Their aim was to protest against some printing errors in 7th standard Text books and according to them printed matters are against the culture of
India. Students’ leaders protested and it became violent. Police done lathy charge, thrown grenades and applied tear gas to bring the situation under control.

Incident became top news in all news channels. They were competing to telecast this lively. Political leaders appeared on TV with their agitation against Police. All were saying about the misbehavior and cruelty of Police.

Have these political leaders or you thought about the Police Squad? They also are human beings. What they can do when a crisis like this occur? On the media telecast, it was clear that the protesters were kicking police men and putting them down.
They don’t have any pain? So here police were forced to react and they did that. Police is there to control the law and order.

The protesters ware severely breaking the law. Why can’t police use force to make the situation clean and under control? See the man in that picture. He was also there during the incident. See how blood is flowing from his head. Why nobody talking for him? If police kept silent in the same incident, people would be saying “Why police keep quiet?”

Then what these Police Men have to Do?

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