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March 29, 2014 By Jothis Rajan

Hi friends ... Today I feel little bit nostalgic. I have started this blog and published first post on 14th January 2008.. That day I came to know about blogs and bogging through my brother-in-law

I definitely can say that what ever I am today is only because of my bother's guidance who show me how to be your own boss. That means how to live and how to earn without working under somebody
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It was the time I finished my college and wondering about next steps in career. At this very same period came to know about online stuffs like blogging, online money making, website etc. From then started learning different areas about online money making without any investment.

Meantime I done my Post Graduation in Tourism and started my career in Hotel Industry as Front Office Assistant. Then the title changes to Front Office Executive, Reservation Executive , Business Development Manager etc. But I was always exploring the ways of making money from online and especially from home.

Couple of years back, blogging means a fun time to me.  Today 29th March 2014. I still don't have any detailed idea about website management and stuff. But I always love to read and look into great bloggers. Then slowly started picking up some tips and I made lots of blogs and at last one blog changed my life.

Till then I was very familiar about blogging . One particular day during the online browsing, an idea came to my mind. That was to start a website. As I am into Tourism industry by profession and from God's Own Country Kerala, developed a blog during free time and later converted it to 

I have been publishing simple tips and information which the travelers looking for. With my very limited SEO tactics slowly started getting traffic and my website started indexing on Google. This traffic has been converted to tour enquirers and tour package bookings. For me it’s a dream come true.. I am getting tour enquires from the people who wish to visit Kerala. 

One of my friend who deal with tour packages in Kerala took responsibility for those enquires. He followed up and converted them to packages and I started getting some revenue from it. My goodness, I started earning through my website; Those where some unforgettable moments in my life. I was not able to express my happiness in words that time.

This point of time I was working with another company in Kerala.  One day same friend asked “Why don’t you join with me?”  That was the question and a turning point.  Soon I have resigned my job and joined with him and started working as an independent entrepreneur. 

Now I am happy and leading my life as simple as “Love what you do & Do what you Love”

I would like to thank all my family, colleagues, friends, guests, associates in tourism industry who helped me a lot to stand independently and successfully in this most competitive Hospitality Sector

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  1. Congrats Jothis !!!
    Keep going.... All the best

  2. Congrats Jothis !!!
    Keep Going... All the best my dear friend !!!


  3. Congrats Jothis..Good to see this and glad that you shared your story..

    1. Thank you Sir.. Really happy and feeling blessed..

    2. True & Inspiring story for Aspirants. Keep updating. All the best.

    3. @ Muhammad Shakeel

      Thank you for valuable your time to visit my blog and happy to see your comment

    4. @ DJ

      Thank you for your kind words..


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